Electronics Links

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Fundamentals of Electricity

Fundamentals of Electricity, created by industrial equipment manufacturer Cutler-Hammer, is an excellent review of the basics of electrical circuits, characteristics and Ohm's Law. Try the review questions to test your knowledge. 

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory is one of many available on the World Wide Web, but this version is designed for High School students. Clicking on a cell in the table takes you to a page with information on the history, sources, uses, costs and hazards of each element. The elements which make solid state electronics possible are Germanium and Silicon.

How a vacuum tube works

Although vacuum tubes are no longer used for the logic circuits in computers, they are still in use in specialized applications, and of course as monitors for television and computers. Eric Barbour has a good explanation of the history and operation of the device which made radio, television and computers possible at How a Vacuum Tube Works.

MOSFET tutorial

For a great animated demonstration of how a MOSFET transistor is manufactured and operates go to Molecular Expressions: Electricity and Magnetism Tutorials.

Design Electronics

Design Electronics has some useful tutorials on electronic components, measuring tools and prototype boards (also known as breadboards). There are also some simple circuits to build. Although several links are incomplete, the site is a useful introduction. 

Dimension Engineering Electronics Lab has many useful links, but the Resistor Color Code Calculator is way cool! Why memorize the color code when you can simply pick the colors and get your result instantly?